Project Manager | Tampa, FL 

About Alana: 

Affable, Interested, Easy going, Detail oriented, Big picture thinker, Bicycle enthusiast, Fun seeker, Never stop learning                  


BA, Environmental Science and Policy, University of Florida

MA Urban & Regional Planning, University of South Florida


Alana is a project manager in the Tampa office. She studied Environmental Science and Policy at the University of Florida for her undergraduate degree, which sparked an interest in urban planning. She attended the University of South Florida for graduate school, where she was the first graduate of the university’s Master of Urban and Regional Planning program. During her time at Renaissance, Alana has worked on many different projects including long range transportation plans, federal grant applications, transit oriented development, bicycle and pedestrian plans, public outreach efforts, vision plans, neighborhood plans, and transportation and land use plans, among others. 

I believe... 

So many things in our day-to-day lives are influenced by the way our cities are designed: where we live, how we get around, where we recreate, where we get our food, our health, and even our relationships with other people. Conversely, the way we interact with our cities has a profound impact on our environment, economy, and society. We as planners have the good fortune/challenge of synthesizing these two sides of the coin and creating coherent, thoughtful, and meaningful plans to make cities more sustainable, equitable, functional, and fun.