"Sustainability is in the eye of the beholder..." Renaissance Principal Dan Hardy, PE, PTP, shares some laughs in his presentation at the 2019 Transportation Research Board Annual Meeting in Washington D.C.

The “Sustainability Next Steps: Sharing Information and Trends from the 2019 Annual Meeting and Identifying Next Steps for Research” workshop opened with presentations from experts in a range of fields like equity, environment, and economics, followed by facilitated small-group discussions that were used to prepare a sustainability research agenda for TRB.

Prior to joining Renaissance eight years ago, Dan served as the Transportation Planning Chief for the Montgomery County Planning Department, managing a 15-person Transportation Planning Division responsible for transportation elements of Countywide growth policies, master plans, and development review cases. The rapidly growing County of nearly one million residents had high expectations for involvement in decision making. Dan’s expertise includes both developing and applying growth management policies and practices.