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7 Must-Have Items for the Urban Dweller On-The-Move


7 Must-Have Items for the Urban Dweller On-The-Move


With summer in full swing and mostly beautiful weather all around, many people are trading in their automobiles for other modes of transportation. To assist those of you who may be opting for walking, bicycling, or public transit I have found seven must-have items to accompany you on your trips around town.

For Those on Two Feet

  • Tickle Shoes – These “Super Shoes” invite pedestrians to tickle, wander, wonder, and discovery. Essentially, the point of them is to get you to where you need to go via Google Maps without the hassle of staring down at your smart phone. The shoes work in conjunction with your smart phone to “tickle” one foot at a time so you know whether to turn left or right.
  • Kuchofuku– With a name that translates to “air-conditioned clothing," this clothing line was developed to help Japanese people deal with power shortages and electricity restrictions following the latest major earthquake and tsunami. The clothing has tiny built in fans that can last for around eleven hours on a single charge. I’m sure many Floridians would enjoy this product!
  • Run Bell – Have you ever been running through a crowd wishing there was a way to alert people of your presence to avoid any type of pedestrian collision? Well look no further, the Run Bell is “the runner’s version of the classic bicycle bell.” Not to mention it comes in a classy gold color and resembles a miniature brass knuckle.


For Those on Two Wheels (Or, Maybe More)

  • Foldable Bicycle – Looking for a bicycle that won’t take up too much room in your house or apartment? This foldable bicycle can become as small as a typical umbrella.


  • Uberhood – Speaking of umbrellas, whether you are battling rain or blazing rays of sun, this product will help keep you protected. This umbrella attaches to the front handlebars of a bicycle and can be shut when not in use.

For Those Who Enjoy Relaxing Rather Than Driving Themselves

  • Napper Hood – This product allows anyone taking public transit to go into their own little cocoon and zone out for the duration of their trip. The hood comes with a bit of padding to rest your head on a window and built-in headphones.
  • Rail Reach – While still in the prototype stage, this gadget will please those who may have a bit of a phobia about germs and/or are not so height-advantaged.


–Amanda Douglas, Cities That Work Blog

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