Senior Planner | Durham, NC

About Caroline: 

Appreciative, Coffee lover
Compassionate, Detail oriented
Engaged, Mother, Organized/ Organizer, Perpetual student
Reader, Resourceful              


BA, Environmental Design, Policy & Planning, State University of New York at Stony Brook

MA City and Regional Planning, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill 


Caroline is a planner at Renaissance. Caroline’s academic and professional experiences in the areas of sustainability and resiliency have given her unique understanding of these concepts, and how they to effectively incorporate them into planning. Caroline has worked on numerous research projects investigating the intersection of environment and land use including community recovery following natural disasters; “green” cities; comprehensive planning and sustainability; and resiliency after Superstorm Sandy. Caroline has experience with ArcGIS, Microsoft Office Suite, AutoCAD, Stella Modeling Software, Environmental Impact Assessments, and Alternative Dispute Resolution.

My Philosophy Is... 

“In the absence of conviction, I’ve come to terms with the fact that uncertainty is an inescapable corollary of life. An abundance of mystery is simply part of the bargain- which doesn’t strike me as something to lament. Accepting the essential inscrutability of existence, in any case, is surely preferable to its opposite: capitulating to the tyranny of intransigent belief.” Jon Krakauer