We work with community members to identify core values and aspirations that provide the foundation for a strong vision and compel people to action.


“I want a community where my kids don’t have to leave to find good jobs and other opportunities” “I want to spend less time driving” “I want a community where my kids can safely walk or ride their bikes to the park, to their friends house or school” “I want to age in my home as I get older and still be able to function when I can’t drive” “This is the neighborhood I grew up in, I want to stay here but the prices are getting too high.” These are the kind of desires we hear a lot when we talk with people about their communities. The first step in visioning is to capture the stories and aspirations of individuals living and working in a given place. The more stories you can capture, the easier it becomes to uncover the common values, themes and drivers that provide the basis for a long term vision and will inspire people to act.

Renaissance has worked in small towns and with big cities across the country to translate values and aspirations into a coherent vision that creates the framework for action.


U.S. EPA Local Foods, Local Places Program

Project DTO: Advancing Downtown Orlando