Project Manager | Orlando, FL 

About  David: 

Chicago, Glacier National Park
Read and learn, Adaptable
Synthesis, Simplicity, Wit, Implementation            


BA Economics and Urban Studies, Trinity University

MA Planning, University of Minnesota


David is a project manager with Renaissance with a special focus on the integration of market analysis, real estate economics, finance, and development strategy with traditional land use and transportation planning assignments. He also has experience in the analysis, planning, and implementation of downtown and transit-oriented developments. David’s experience encompasses multiple disciplines, including market analysis, redevelopment planning, financial feasibility analysis, and development management. He has worked both as a consultant/advisor to public and private sector clients, and as a developer of residential and mixed-use projects. 

I believe..

that in order to effectively plan communities we have to understand not only how people use places but how they (and the organizations/businesses they form) use real estate.  Mobility creates and supports economic value, but the means of mobility provided and utilized shape the places traveled between.  I am fascinated by why things are where they are, how they got there, and where they are going.  To understand this, demographics and economics are important, but so are history, character, design, and culture.  I have been an analyst, planner, real estate adviser, and developer, and I want to use all of those skills to help communities achieve concrete, implementable goals.  I like to watch places change for the better.

I also believe that The Simpsons is the finest television show ever produced.