Principal | Tampa, FL

About Franco: 

Father, Husband, Triathlete, Listener, Pragmatist, Ambitious,Creative            


BA, Philosophy, University of South Florida

MS, Urban & Regional Planning, Florida State University 

MA, Public Administration, Florida State University 


Professional experience includes 13 years as a planner, with eight years of project management and supervisory experience in transportation planning. Specific areas of expertise in planning include long range transportation plan updates, transit corridor studies, travel demand modeling (FSUTMS), transportation surveys, transportation improvement programs and a variety of other Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) support tasks. Focused on innovative approaches to transportation planning challenges, including technical solutions and public involvement activities designed to both engage and educate participants. 

I believe... 

that planning is both a scientific art and an artistic science that relies on a mixture of technical analysis and creative thinking – the trick is finding a balance.