Project Manager | Charlottesville, VA

About Jason: 

Adventurer, Seeker, Leader
Problem Solver, Caretaker, Cook, Musician, Inspired,     Hopeful


BA World History, State University of New York, 
College at Purchase

MA Urban and
Environmental Planning, 
University of Virginia


Jason brings years of experience helping communities navigate complex planning processes, frame issues, assess trade-offs, rethink possibilities, and realize opportunities. Jason is comfortable working in scales from the region to the street.  He approaches challenges asking how to best integrate planning, transportation, engineering and urban design disciplines to build value and create vibrant, enjoyable places.  Problem solving requires a balance of creativity, art, and science, which Jason brings to his projects with strong leadership and technical abilities.

Jason is a proven facilitator having lead local food systems planning, economic development, revitalization, placemaking and visioning workshops in more than 30 communities nationwide in recent years.  His technical proficiencies include land use modeling and GIS based tools such as CorPlan, Envision Tomorrow Prototype Builder, and CommunityViz. He has experience with data inputs for Travel Demand Models, regional scenario planning, multimodal accessibility analysis, demographics and socioeconomic forecasting.

He is a skilled practitioner of smart growth and integrated planning, having spent over 10 years prior to Renaissance managing sustainability policy and communications work for an international non-government organization, the Mountain Institute. Before joining Renaissance, Jason worked for the Institute for Environmental Negotiation on community involvement and land use planning projects.

My Philosophy is..

I love spaces and places that inspire, cities, public art, mountains, farms, rivers, forests, oceans, parks, streets, trains, bikes, exploration, discovery, learning, teaching, solving, ultimate frisbee, softball, music, people that care about things, being a father and friend.

I plan because I want to help communities manage, adapt to change, and succeed. I plan to create systems that improve everyone’s health, opportunities and well-being.  I plan because I want to make a difference.