Project Manager | Arlington, VA

About Jessica: 

Passionate, Inquisitive, Believer, Chef, Fine arts, nature, Red wine, Chocolate                          


Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, Lafayette College

Master of Urban and Environmental Planning, University of Virginia


Trained as a civil engineer, Jessica joined Renaissance in 2008 with a highly technical background in traffic engineering and transportation design. She has since broadened her land use and policy planning experience, developed transit-oriented development expertise, and continued to hone her skills in multimodal transportation planning. She currently manages the South Florida office, and has strong communication and facilitation skills. Jessica’s attention to detail and commitment to quick response and quality work ensure she meets clients’ expectations.

My philosophy is... 

...the best forms of transportation balance environmental responsibility and personal convenience.  In a world of growing consciousness concerning environmental impacts, we must strive to minimize consumption of all forms of energy to preserve natural beauty.  Keeping a focus on local communities can promote a sense of character and pride for citizens while also helping to reduce dependence on long commutes without sacrificing quality of life.  Each individual choice has an impact and should be made consciously with regard for the greater good.