President, CEO | Arlington, VA

About Kate: 

Optimist, Connector, Chief of center, Organic, Inspired, Family, Glue, Coffee anyone?   


BA, Environmental Studies, Rollins College

MA, Urban & Environmental Planning, University of Virginia


Kate Ange is the president of Renaissance Planning. Kate’s project experiences including working at the corridor and countywide scales on visioning and scenario planning, multimodal transportation planning, community development strategic planning and public engagement. Kate excels in strategic communications and facilitation relative to framing key issues, understanding tradeoffs and identifying a consensus path forward in the development of plans and policies. She has worked with local governments, Metropolitan Planning Organizations, Departments of Transportation and federal agencies to advance integrated approaches to land use, urban design and transportation in support of community livability and sustainability goals. Recent topical areas of expertise include food systems planning, transit-oriented development, scenario planning, equitable development, rural community capacity building and development of programmatic guidance and trainings.  

My belief is... 

The people we encounter, the development patterns we experience, and the ways in which we move from one place to another in a given day…these experiences shape who we are. Helping to create communities that provide opportunity, strengthen connections between people, express authenticity of place, provide transportation options, and infuse natural elements throughout—that is why I plan.