katherine wood

Urban Designer, Visual Design Specialist | Charlottesville, VA

About Kathrine: 

Artist, Creator, Dreamer, Doer    


Bachelor of Science in Architecture, University of Virginia

Master of Fine Arts, Cranbrook Academy of Art


Katharine brings seven years of experience in Architectural and Urban design to the team. Her work in these capacities has spanned a range of scales, from local and regional planning efforts to small-scale station area re-designs for Renaissance, to new and remodeled architectural construction and urban furniture design for other clients.

With degrees in both Architecture and Fine Art, combined with extensive Urban Design experience, Katherine contributes a unique perspective to both her designs and representations. She has extensive experience in 3D modeling for a number of design firms and specializes in visual communications and representations of the built environment that inspire people to envision their communities in a new way. 

I believe... 

"But there is the other way, back to the sun, to faith in the chaos of suns. Back to the pool of renewal, where we dip ourselves in life again, and let the old case-hardened self-conceit wash off us, and let the body unfurl in all its sensitiveness and naiveté again, like a magnolia, to the suns. And this is not so easy. You can’t do it just by saying you will do it. It is a slow, blind process, a painful discarding of shells and defenses that are only obstructions, and a taking on of a new sensitiveness, awareness, and a new faith in the sun."

-D.H. Lawrence (from the introduction to Harry Crosby’s Chariot of the Sun