Project Manager | Orlando, FL

About Kathleen: 

Multidisciplinary, Lagniappe
Redhead, Cheesecake, Green chile, Why?                                 


BA Political Science, Tulane

MA Environmental Policy, University of Maryland College Park


Kathleen brings more than 10 years of integrated transportation planning experience, especially in multidisciplinary, outcomes-based collaborations. Kathleen’s work has focused on innovative and implementable solutions to multimodal transportation planning challenges, notably at the federal and state levels. Her specialties include transportation demand management (TDM), public health and active transportation, smart growth/livability, and applied transportation technologies.

I believe... 

 …that helping people and communities reach their highest potential is true development and freedom – and that everyone deserves that opportunity.

“Progress isn’t made by early risers. It’s made by lazy [people] trying to find easier ways to do something.”  Robert Heinlein