Planner | Durham, NC

About Mia: 

Collaborator, Creative thinker, Placemaker, Writer, Photographer, Storyteller, South African in the US


BA, English Literature & Social Anthropology, University of Cape Town

MA, City and Regional Planning, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill


Mia is a well rounded planner with a strong sense of design and place making. She graduated with her Masters in Planning from UNC Chapel Hill and specializes in community development and urban design. She has worked with local governments, non-profit organizations, and private consultants across the state, conducting geospatial analyses, community engagement, and place-based design.

Mia has also worked as a community organizer in Cape Town, South Africa and for the Center for Health & Environment in Queens, NY. 

I believe...

that the evolution of cities occurs on a spectrum from organic growth to human design. Planning for cities that work requires the integration of organic processes and strategic design; embracing chaos and uncertainty as inevitable forces of city building is the key to sustainable, resilient, problem solving.