Principal | Orlando, FL 

About Nick: 

Father, Red Soxs Fanatic, Golfer, Direct
Confident, Laid back        


BA Political Science, Environmental Inquire Minor, Penn State University

MA Urban & Environmental Planning, University of Virginia


Nick Lepp is a Principal at Renaissance Planning with over 13 years of experience in integrated land use and transportation planning, with a focus on practical, results-oriented approaches to land use planning, policy planning, multimodal planning, corridor studies, development review, transportation analysis and long range planning. He is a responsive and service-oriented project manager who has demonstrated the ability to thoroughly understand local community issues, context, and perspectives as a framework for development of transportation systems. He uses his knowledge of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to work with Renaissance’s own community-based land-use planning model CorPlan, and multimodal sketch planning Tool CorMap with Florida Standard Urban Transportation Model Structure (FSUTMS) CUBE Software to evaluate scenarios based on performance measures developed for the context of the community.

I believe... 

...that numbers speak louder than words, baseball is the greatest game on earth, and the shortest distance between two points is a straight line.