Planner | Miami, FL

About Rob: 

Traveler, Backpacker, Cities
New Jersey, Figure ground, Urbanism, Mountains, Open minded, Yellow jacket           


BS, Civil Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology

MA, City and Regional Planning, Georgia Institute of Technology 


Rob is a planner with Renaissance. His passion is the intersection of urban design and transportation, developed through a series of design studios along with his background in civil engineering. Always with an eagerness to learn and explore, Rob has spent time in China studying and working on urban design issues as well as researched low-carbon urban form.  Prior to joining Renaissance, Rob worked for a Regional Planning Commission and Metropolitan Planning Organization in New Hampshire where his design and engineering skills were applied to a variety of projects.  

I believe... 

... the best way to understand a city is to wander its streets, meet its people, and eat its food. Much about a place and its history can be discovered by taking in all that is possible about its form and the bits and pieces which make it up – unveiling the influences of those who came before and their culture. The same can be said about food!