We engage communities and stakeholders to find common ground.


When you start talking to people about their values and vision for the future, it can get emotional. When you start talking about changing the look, feel or function of someone’s neighborhood, it can get intense. These conversations can unearth deep community divides or fears. Good facilitation also uncovers common values and common ground that can point to a way forward. Outreach works best when you foster conversations that encourage people to voice their concerns and ideas, engages all participants in collective knowledge sharing about what is, and what is possible, in their community.

Renaissance knows how to orchestrate effective community outreach to engender a sense of ownership for the planning process from all members of the community. We also know how to design outreach efforts to find common ground that can serve as the foundation for a new vision, plan or set of actions.


Town of Front Royal Visioning Process 

East Altamonte Springs Special Area Plan 

Berkeley-Charleston-Dorchester Council of Governments (BCDCOG) Master Plan for Neck Area of Charleston and North Charleston

Equitable Development & Sustainable Design Technical Assistance: Macon, GA