We help identify catalytic strategies to generate momentum and propel action.

Strategic planning is important now more than ever. Changes in the national economic drivers, great shifts in the way we work and communicate, and leaps in technological advancement have altered the way local economies function and grow. Cities must adapt to continue to thrive. 

Strategic planning helps communities identify key issues and opportunities beyond just planning for the built environment. It includes looking at the organizational and programmatic dynamics relative to achieving community goals. It provides an opportunity for identifying short-term, catalytic economic and community development initiatives that generate momentum.

Leveraging change requires rethinking what is possible and tapping into the core assets – people and place – of community to identify new ways forward. This involves bringing analytics and econometrics into the discussion to communities understand their strategic position within the larger region or state. It also means tapping into local leadership or building new leadership from within.

We bring together an understanding of local and regional economies; how to structure the community infrastructure of local government, civic organizations, institutional partners; and the impact of place-based considerations of physical development. This understanding provides our clients with insights needed to access economic opportunity and engender full participation in comprehensive community development.