Berkeley-Charleston-Dorchester Council of Governments (BCDCOG)


Renaissance led a multidisciplinary team to complete a comprehensive, multi-modal master plan for a 27-square mile area covering major portions of both the City of Charleston and the City of North Charleston. The area is home to many economically disadvantaged neighborhoods, yet it is also one of the most important economic engines for the state of South Carolina.

The Partnership for Prosperity master plan provides a community based vision for 21st century quality growth and economic opportunity throughout the entire Neck Area. Renaissance prepared catalyst area specific redevelopment plans to direct future growth and provide economic opportunity for the region and local residents, and developed strategies for improved regional and local multimodal accessibility.

 The public engagement effort on this project included a five-day charrette to develop concepts for regional connectivity and accessibility, and detailed plans for future development in the catalyst areas. Given the context of this project, the community messaging and charrette materials were clear, concise, and compelling to inspire action. Renaissance also created and managed a website. 

The plan also includes an “instruction manual” for local and regional government agencies for shaping land use plans, community design policies, economic development strategies, and infrastructure improvement. It will also serve as a marketing tool that community leaders and citizens can use to attract public and private investors who can help to make the vision a reality. APA South Carolina awarded Partnership for Prosperity the Regional Recognition award in 2014.