We help regional planners bridge federal, state, city and county planning.


Regional planners are connectors. They seek to match federal and state system, policy, program and project opportunities with local aspirations and community needs. They are problems solvers and consensus builders.  

We know regional systems and know how to make connections. Because we rethink possibilities, we know how to creatively and effectively solve complex regional planning problems.  We were the first in the country to develop and apply a scenario planning process for the Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission and continue to use the technique in new and innovative ways, such as helping the Space Coast Transportation Planning Organization rethink possibilities through the 2040 Long Range Transportation Plan and the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments look at long term scenarios to reduce green house gas emissions. We developed a strategic freight plan for the Tampa region and worked with the Berkeley Charleston Dorchester Council of Governments on an award winning master plan for the Charleston Neck area.