Transportation Corridors: Visioning Studies

City of Pompano Beach, Florida

Renaissance prepared vision studies and transformation planning frameworks for three key Pompano Beach corridors simultaneously: Atlantic Boulevard, US 1 and Dixie Highway. We helped create an economic development strategy focused on strengthening the existing economic base and finding opportunities to attract new businesses and promote job growth. The vision provided a picture of what is possible given the unique existing assets and opportunities in each corridor.

To support the ongoing effort, Renaissance used CommunityViz to develop a suitability analysis that identified opportunities for mixed-use development and green space in a complex urban environment. Suitability factors were based on a real estate developers approach to qualifying the “attractiveness” and “capacity” of a property. Renaissance used CommunityViz to visualize and quantitatively analyze the relative attractiveness and capacity of three major corridors in the city. This information has been used to inform develop strategies and prioritization of city center and corridors.

We outlined Implementing activities in a transformation plan that clearly connects the present with the possible by identifying the economic development strategies, the public and private transportation, infrastructure investments and the regulatory framework needed to guide and foster corridor revitalization and development. 

Renaissance was subsequently hired to perform follow-up work on three additional concept plans: South Dixie Highway, A1A, and Riverside Drive. These projects continue to address elements of economic opportunity within the city.