renee kinney

Program Management Specialist | Miami, FL

About Renee: 

Amazon Shopper,  Caregiver, Country Girl Turned Suburb Dweller


BA, Psychology, Northwestern College

Direct | Grateful | Healthy

Renee brings over 30 years of experience in grants management and service and leadership in youth development. She has strong experience in data collection, internal audits, and developing plans, policies and procedures that comply with various types of national standards and requirements. She has also led teams responsible for preparing funding audits and site visits, as well as conducted audits of subcontracted programs as a lead federally-funded agency. She most recently served as Director of Compliance and Reporting for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Miami, leading a grant writing team that successfully secured three grants totaling $2.5 million in federal funds. At Renaissance she works primarily on 5310 vehicle compliance with the Florida Department of Transportation. She also helps with technical assistance, community planning, and community development initiatives.

I believe… 

Everything I do impacts our children. That’s my “why”…