Project Manager | Durham, NC

About Alex: 

Analyst, Pedestrian, Gooner, Modernist art, Carolina BBQ, Soccer, Psychedlic post punk, Beau gosse        


BA, Art History, University of South Florida

MS Planning, Florida State University


Alex focuses on plans, projects, tools and data products that support a systematic and comprehensive approach to community and regional planning. His work deals primarily with interactions between the built environment, economic and demographic trends, travel behavior, transportation system performance and environmental impacts of urban development. His project involvement covers database construction and management, GIS analysis and tools creation, and model development and application. He has contributed to a variety of transportation and land use studies at the local, regional, state and federal levels.

I believe... 

that communities are best served by maximizing the utility of their existing infrastructure and preserving local natural resources by coordinating transportation and land use planning, offering a variety of viable transportation options, and creating active public spaces.  These strategies enhance efficiency, opportunity, and dynamism while serving the long term economic, social, and environmental needs of a city.