Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), District 4   


Broward County’s Comprehensive Plan Transportation Element is intended to mitigate the impacts of traffic generated by new development. Historically the plan has not addressed impacts on I-95 and other regional facilities. As part of comprehensive plan amendments, the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), the former Florida Department of Community Affairs (DCA) and Broward County reached an agreement to study and plan for multimodal enhancements to rectify the situation. Partnerships are needed among transportation agencies for collaborative plans, policies, and investment strategies to achieve mobility on I-95 and in the wider eastern Broward County area.

The agreement stipulates that Broward County and FDOT each perform a series of actions to ensure mobility along the I-95 corridor. Broward County’s initial actions are focused on bicycle and pedestrian improvements while FDOT is to conduct a multi-county study of the I-95 corridor.

Renaissance worked with FDOT to integrate and enhance what has been completed into a consistent planning framework for the I-95 corridor. We developed the Mobility Plan around strategic functions of the major transportation facilities and places (districts and centers) in the study area, and the system as a whole. 

Using information from existing plans and studies, and working with the agencies and local governments in eastern Broward County, we prepared a map series that is fostering discussions about transportation and land use strategies to improve mobility and accessibility in the study area. The map series was well received and accepted as reflecting local goals. We also helped identify implementation strategies, actions and performance measures. Recommended strategies include policies, physical investments, design guidelines, and planning and monitoring metrics