Founding Principal | Tampa, FL

About Chris: 

Grandad/Dad/Husband, Musician, Sailor


BA, Urban Affairs, Virginia Tech

MS, Urban & Regional Planning, Florida State University

Curious | Creative | Problem-Solving

Chris has more than 35 years of experience managing a variety of land use and transportation planning projects. As the firm’s founding owner, he has served as the visionary leader committed to advancing the state of planning practice through integrated planning methods and models.

Chris has worked with federal, regional, and local agencies. He has managed large-scale master plans, transportation studies, comprehensive plan updates, MPO long range transportation plan updates, mobility fee, impact fee, and fiscal impact studies. He is well versed in a wide range of planning tools and methods, including land use models, travel demand models, traffic operations software and fiscal impact models. Examples of his range of innovative work include the recently completed the Multimodal Performance Measure Research and Innovation Plan for the Federal Highway Administration and the North Ranch Sector Plan covering nearly 200,000 acres in Central Florida.

My philosophy is...

Just like the natural environment, cities are complex, emergent systems. I’ve come to understand that planning in such complex settings requires the ability to simultaneously pay attention to the forest and the trees by avoiding the temptation to look at every tree; rather to find and focus on those trees having the greatest influence on the forest. It also requires planners to simultaneously consider the interplay between the major systems within the overall city system. New theories such as emergent complexity are giving us a fresh new way to look at and plan for cities in an integrated way.