Frederick County, Maryland

Located just outside the major urban hubs of Baltimore, MD and Washington, DC., Frederick County, Maryland is a fast-growing community challenged with managing growth in a fashion that supports continued economic development and job growth while also ensuring that it can retain its strong sense of place, protect the unique historic character, natural and recreational assets and create great new places that support a variety of housing options and transportation choices.

The county is embarking upon an update to its Comprehensive Plan for the first time in 10 years. Led by Renaissance Planning, the process began with a visioning exercise to confirm key values and aspirations. The visioning effort was followed by a scenario planning effort to explore different ways the community might grow relative to the dynamics of growth, economic development, multimodal transportation and community livability. The scenario process will be used to help inform subsequent policy updates and provide a framework for more detailed planning at the subarea and corridor levels.

Renaissance also helped develop the project website and online survey to support the visioning efforts; developed the scenarios and led the working groups through the scenario evaluation process; provided detailed multimodal accessibility analysis at the corridor and subarea levels. The team is currently providing staff support on recommended policy and plan updates and amendments.