We develop the structures, partnerships and policy initiatives to help implement your vision and plan.

Place based community development is the “last mile” in turning a vision into reality. It is the art of compelling local champions and organizations to move beyond the conversational level to action.  It is about matching up the people power with place-based policy, program and project initiatives. It also means strengthening local people power through organizational development and strategic partnerships to advance economic development initiatives, urban design and place making efforts or multi-modal transportation improvement projects.

Place based community development requires a solid understanding of how organizations and stakeholders need to collaborate and partner for implementation. It also requires an understanding of the different financial resources available from within or outside the community that can be tapped for creating catalytic new investments. Whether working for a single organization or on behalf of a whole city or region, we work at a range of scales on place-based community development that includes quick-hit technical assistance, capacity building, grant writing and other action oriented projects. 


U.S. EPA Building Blocks for Sustainable Communities

Virginia Department of Transportation Urban Development Areas (UDA) Local Assistance Program

TIGER VII Grant for Wilson, NC