Hillsborough County Metropolitan Planning Organization

Over the past five years, Hillsborough County has averaged a high number of annual traffic deaths, more than other comparable counties in the nation. To combat the record breaking number of roadway fatalities, Hillsborough County recently introduced a series of Vision Zero workshops, in order to adopt a 'zero tolerance' attitude toward traffic fatalities, one of two Florida regions to do so.

Under an on-call contract with the Hillsborough County Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), Renaissance led the development of a short-term action plan to move the county towards zero traffic deaths. Our team assisted with the creation of the final Action Plan, communications and engagement, including the creation of a website, interactive map to share safety concerns, and the development of communications materials.

There are four Action Tracks defined by the MPO: Paint Saves Lives (pop-up design interventions); One Message, Many Voices (outreach and messaging); Consistent and Fair (enforcement), and The Future Will Not Be Like the Past (flexible design standards). The Renaissance team led two of the four Action Tracks: one focused on changing the culture around roadway design and the other focused on engaging with the public to share the message of Vision Zero. Renaissance developed the final action plan, which will be implemented over the following 1- to 2-years.

In January 2018, Renaissance began the second phase of the plan, the Corridor Engagement. The work involved engaging communities living around the county’s most dangerous corridors, as identified during the Action Plan process. The engagement process culminates in half-day events that bring attention to safety issues along the selected corridor. This allowed residents to take part in interactive activities to improve safety, including painting an intersection mural and pop-up crosswalk.

In August 2018, Renaissance followed up on the Action Plan with Vision Zero Quarterly Reports, which report achievements, statistics, and other notable work related to Vision Zero within the county for each quarter.  

The APA Sun Coast Section awarded the Vision Zero Action Plan Best Plan, Report, or Study Award of Merit in May 2018.

Image courtesy of The Tampa Foundation

Image courtesy of The Tampa Foundation